Thank you for visiting our site on this most interesting form of visual electronic communication. I feel privileged that you have taken the time to explore via the Internet your interest in PGS and Gunsmithing. Many exciting things have happened in the career field of Gunsmithing since our site was developed in 1996. It has been my hope that someone in the Sporting Goods retail field would recognize the need to service the firearms that they sell.
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For too many years only the factories offered service to the public on their firearms. I would compare this to buying a car from a dealer then having to drive to Detroit to have it serviced. Gander Mountain has pioneered the concept of placing Gunsmiths in each of their stores along with sales associates who are familiar with the firearms they sell. PGS graduates staff many of Gander Mountain stores that are expanding throughout the Northeast and Midwestern United States.
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The Master Gunsmithing Program at Pennsylvania Gunsmith School is an all encompassing, intense two academic year program of study that is concentrated into a short 16 months. Compared to archaic apprenticeships lasting 7 to 11 years, sometimes only covering a single Gunsmithing area, this is lightning speed!

The Master Gunsmithing Program begins with the basics and forms a rock solid foundation in the career. Following the foundation, the program continues to build skills that successful Gunsmiths are doing in the field. There are no courses or assignments that do not directly relate to the career. The program is totally focused on Gunsmithing and liberal arts courses such as English and writing are not required for completion of the program. PGS does not specialize in any one area, such as handguns, rifles or shotguns because this will limit employment possibilities. These courses range from basic gun repair to intricate custom work. The overview page lists some of the topics that you will experience as a PGS student.

Practicing professional Gunsmiths, U.S. Military armorers, machinists and tool and die makers who have decided to enroll in the program have said the skills learned in each of the courses helped them advance to a higher level of performance than they had before starting the program! Those who have no practical experience in Gunsmithing, metal or wood work will achieve results that are beyond comprehension.

The reason that the program is so successful is because of the unique style of instruction at PGS. The program is based in a shop setting, just like what a Gunsmith experiences in their job. Under the careful supervision of a dedicated, highly trained instructor and experienced Gunsmith, skills are learned in a planned and organized manner and build throughout the program.

In addition to learning skills and receiving a top-notch education, the PGS graduate will leave PGS with many fine examples of their work in either fine firearms or custom made tooling, demonstrating their professional competence to potential employers.

The PGS Program Advisory Committee is a team of highly professional employers and Gunsmiths from all over the country. They meet twice a year and provide valuable advice to the school on what should be included in each of the courses of the program so that students learn exactly what is necessary to be successful in Gunsmithing.

The Master Gunsmithing Program at PGS is a program that is designed by and taught by professional Gunsmiths who know what is needed to be successful in today's competitive marketplace.


Do you have Questions about our Gunsmith Training Program?  Here are some of the answers that will help you choose PGS as the school for your future career in Gunsmithing.

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