Thank you for visiting our site on this most interesting form of visual electronic communication. I feel privileged that you have taken the time to explore via the Internet your interest in PGS and Gunsmithing. Many exciting things have happened in the career field of Gunsmithing since our site was developed in 1996. It has been my hope that someone in the Sporting Goods retail field would recognize the need to service the firearms that they sell.
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For too many years only the factories offered service to the public on their firearms. I would compare this to buying a car from a dealer then having to drive to Detroit to have it serviced. Gander Mountain has pioneered the concept of placing Gunsmiths in each of their stores along with sales associates who are familiar with the firearms they sell. PGS graduates staff many of Gander Mountain stores that are expanding throughout the Northeast and Midwestern United States.
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When a person chooses the right vocation, then going to work each day is a joy and not something to do to just pay the bills each month. The greatest reward a Gunsmith can have is when the customer or client is ecstatic over the the quality of workmanship that they have received on their prized firearm.

Successful PGS students:

  •   love working with their hands
  •   are hard working
  •   learn best when shown by an expert instructor
  •   are motivated to achieve high standards
  •   pay attention to detail
  •   strive for precision
  •   have an appreciation for firearms
  •   love showing their work to others
  •   like to shoot or have a desire to learn how 
  •   range in age from 17 to those retiring from 40 plus year careers

Gunsmithing is a good choice for those that have physical disabilities because the work allows for a combination of sitting and standing. PGS has successful graduates who are in wheelchairs.


There are literally hundreds of different models, makes and designs of modern firearms that have been made since 1898. The successful PGS graduate, while not knowing every single firearm problem, will have the logical competence to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot those situations. Skills learned at school will lead them to tackle those usual cases and solve those troublesome problems.

Successful PGS graduates are continual learners and learn something new from each job to make the next firearm even better.


Do you have Questions about our Gunsmith Training Program?  Here are some of the answers that will help you choose PGS as the school for your future career in Gunsmithing.

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